Top Websites Every Graphic Designer should know

Best Websites every designer should know

Graphic design is a field that is constantly evolving and growing, with new tools and resources becoming available all the time. As a graphic designer, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in order to stay competitive in the industry. We will highlight some of the most important websites that every graphic designer should be familiar with.

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1. DesignCuts

If you need high-quality design resources without breaking your budget then DesignCuts has got what you need! They regularly update their library so make sure to check back often because they have everything from textures packs vector illustrations, font bundles plus much more.


AIGA is the professional association for design, and it’s a great resource for graphic designers of all levels. The organization has a wide range of resources, including design competitions, events, and job listings. The site also has a blog that features interviews with industry leaders and articles on design-related topics.

3. Behance

Created by Adobe Systems Inc., Behance is a platform for creatives to showcase their work and connect with potential clients or collaborators. It’s a great place to discover new designers, as well as to showcase your own portfolio. The site has a wide range of categories, from graphic design and illustration to photography and architecture, so there’s something for everyone.

4. The Behance Blog

The Behance Blog is a blog run by Behance that offers a wealth of information on how to get ahead in the design industry. The site includes articles on everything from how to build a portfolio to how to negotiate a raise. It’s a great resource for designers of all levels, from students to experienced professionals.

5. Dribbble

Another well-liked design community is Dribbble, which has a reputation for being more exclusive than Behance. You must be invited by an existing user to join the site because it is invite-only. This exclusivity has contributed to the development of a highly selective and elite group of designers. Dribbble is a terrific platform for connecting with other designers and learning about current design trends.

6. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a must-have for any graphic designer, as it includes all of the industry-standard design software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With Creative Cloud you have access to millions of royalty-free photos, templates & graphics as well as exclusive discounts on products & services from industry partners.

7. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a website that offers a wide range of design-related resources, including articles, tutorials, and templates. The site is updated regularly with new content, so it’s a great resource for staying on top of the latest design trends and techniques.

8. Awwwards

An award-winning website dedicated solely towards showcasing web designs across various industries. Whether it’s inspirational portfolios, eCommerce stores or corporate sites – Awwwards showcases outstanding digital experiences which makes it the perfect spot if ever feeling stuck creatively!

9. Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform where designers can buy and sell design assets, such as templates, illustrations, and fonts. The site has a wide range of products, so it’s a great place to find design resources that are not available on other sites.

10. The Design Blog

The Design Blog is a blog that offers a wide range of design-related resources, including articles, tutorials, and templates. The site is updated regularly with new content, so it’s a great resource for staying

You’ll always be in the lead when it comes to producing great designs if you keep up with these top websites every graphic designer should be aware of!

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